Holly Get’s Deep Tissue

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Holly needed some down time to have some deep tissues work on. While waiting for her therapist to come rub her out she got comfortable on the table and was waiting patiently face down as per his request. Looks like her bootie has more padding then her pillow and what a lucky therapist he will be to get his hands on those. Once her lubes up her back side, any good therapist would ask her to flip over where he can massage her from the outside in, being sure to open her legs and do a two finger massage to those special inside areas. Even though Holly could be the hottest young brunette porn star to currently work in the industry I want to point out another hot young porn star. She might be blonde but she is damn hot too check out aaliyahlove.us

Teen Cutie Holly Fucked

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How damn cute is this girl, Holly was debating on what glasses she should buy and wanted some advice from her fans on which ones she liked. Im pretty sure that everyone didn’t care as long as we saw cum dripping off the rims but I think she looks super smart and flirty in her new frames. Besides, Abercrombie should be proud that she is wearing their shirt with her hair coverage her cleavage, kinda a shame if you ask me…we wanna see!


Adorable Busty Ex Sextape

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Aww poor Holly! I think that this is the pic that her ex took of her and then uploaded to get back at her, that would be so wrong so I hope that its not true but if it is, we still like it! Chances are the douche bag probably broke her heart and sent this picture to all his buddies, too bad cause she seems like a really sweet young girl. Either way, who cannot resist a cute college girl with natural tits. From the looks of that cleavage that is the perfect size to titty fuck and poke her chin, I bet her ex did  that like 100 times! lucky man!

Teen BDSM Fun

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Holly! Holly! Holly! How do you get into these positions? Please tell us, we want to know! All tied up and with a ball gagged mouth what other trouble can you get yourself into. I hope that cock penetrating your shaved box isnt hurting your perfectly shaved pussy but if it does then I am sure the guy you are with would be happy to kiss your red lips tattooed to you hip, gotta admit that is pretty hot but you for sure should have had that put on your ass cause that is another one of your HOT spots.

Holly Michaels Biography

Holly Michaels is an Arizona hottie who has become one of the great natural Dcup porn stars. She’s cute and tall and loves to get naughty. She admits to being very bisexual with having relationships with both men and women. She proudly claims that if she isn’t sore after sex if wasn’t rough enough. She’s just a sexy sex starved tall porn star.

Holly Michaels Stats:
Home: Arizona
Height: 5’10
Weight: 121 pounds
Birthday: August 16, 1990 ?
Measurements: 32D-24-34
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Deepthroating Princess Gives us a Show

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Talk about a girl who likes her fruits and veggies! I know some kinky girls out there, but chances are Holly was doing a little more then just deep throating a carrot. Then again, aren’t carrots good for our eyes?? Looks like her partner in crime over there has a cucumber in hand, and from other pics I have seen of the men she has had on film, she should have no problems deep throating a cucumber, unless he plans to put that cold member in her pussy…pickle juice anyone?

Arizona Hottie Lust Fro Giant Black Cock

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WHOA! Now that is some impressive blow job action considering her hand is too small to wrap around this guy’s wang. On her knees and probably praying that he is a fast shot so she doesn’t start to get wrinkles around her lips at such a young age this poor girl will probably have to work pretty hard at this guy. I hope that she is using some kind of tastey numbing cream to relax her throat muscles. Don’t be jealous…just get in line, you could be next for some cockadoodledoo time!

Holly’s Juicy Super Surprise Cumshot

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Now, I have heard of a three some but this is a THREE some! Looks like a pretty fun orgie too me! You think these three girls love this photo and have it sitting on there dresser as a memory, hah! Seriously, Three cocks, Three mouths…this sure looks like a few FRAT FLIES waiting for an opportunity to join in the activities. If this is the case, good word travels fast and these will be the most popular girls on campus. Get your tickets and cameras ready cause there is a whole lot more of Holly’s sexcapades cumming soon.

Slumber Party Gone Overboard

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Holly was thinking that for her birthday she would invite over a few friends, after a few drinks they called over a guy friend and things got a little out of hand. These girls had way too much fun taking advantage of the guy next door and he probably welcomed the action. Four hot girls and one cock, that’s a wet mans dream! Holly being the good girl of playing hide the sausage deep into her wet box and with a smile on her face as her friends join in the fun, at least she left her sneakers on!

Holly Deep Throats Dick

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For you Holly Michael Fans who didn’t know that she had such a fun side, she is looking ever so cute with her new glasses on. Hot pink with black polka dots, this girl shows she means business with a side of naughty please! With a firm grip on his cock, she is leading the way and any smart cock sucking girl knows that all you need to do is stoke his shaft and work this dude’s head with your mouth, and YES, you have to deep thoat all of it. If you hit the gag reflex thats like ringing the bell…and this girl is ready and waiting, ring a ding!